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PC or MAC - Which Is For You?
Get Past the Stereotypes

PC or MAC - is the question when looking to purchase a new computer (also a great conversational debate to have with your friends!) Surprisingly the guts of both platforms are remarkably similar. Both types of machines use Intel proc­essors and buy memory, hard drives and graphics cards from the same small pool of suppliers. The underlying operating systems have distinctly different flavors, but in terms of functionality, Microsoft Windows 7 Mac OS X Leopard have surprisingly similar built-in multimedia, Internet and productivity applications.

Yet what makes the platforms feel so dissimilar is their approaches to these applications. Internet Explorer versus ­Safari, Windows Media Center versus Front Row, Photo Gallery versus iPhoto, Backup and Restore Center versus Time Machine—these system components from Microsoft and Apple are designed to accomplish essentially the same goals. To users, however, the position and movement of the virtual knobs and levers make all the difference.

These things are largely matters of preference and style, but you can still make a reasonable attempt to quantify them based on ease of use, media, performance, accessories, software, security, gaming, battery life, customer support/warranties and of course, cost.