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Keep your computer running faster, cleaner, and error free. Free up drive space to get your computer operating to its peak performance.

It is critical to regularly backup the data on your computer.  If your hard drive crashed, we offer cost effective data recovery and retrieval.

New viruses and spy ware crop up daily.  We can quickly identify and fix a wide range of threats and get your computer protected.  

Create a home network to share files, music and printers. We can check your modem and router to ensure that you are getting the top internet speed.

Computer Optimization

Data Back Up & Retrieval

Internet Security & Virus Removal

Networking: Wired & Wireless

We will help you choose and set up a new computer, printer, cell phone, camera, video cam, ipod, GPS units, external hard drives,  scanners and more.

Hardware Upgrades & Installation

Let us research and recommend the best software to give you the greatest productivity. To keep software running smoothly, we will verify that you have the latest versions.

Learn how to use a computer along with the most popular software.  Email, facebook, twitter, linked in, social networking, photo editing, PowerPoint, blogging,  Microsoft and Apple Software, etc.

Software Upgrades & Installation

Training & Instruction

There’s a better way to get the most from your pc or mac.  Get our guarantee for complete computer service satisfaction !
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